Efficiently acting in every stage of the our business

process from manufacturing to quality control.

Our ambition is to

offer you the most suited products you require

 made with quality ingredients.


Our motto is to produce products that provide both quality and elegance. To do this, we personally select finest materials exclusively Made in Italy, France, Germany, Turkey

and U.S.A


We provide more than 3 million pieces of clothing

to our customers each year. 



Our watchword is to design the products which are

not only elegant, but also of the highest quality to produce the right outcome for your clientel.

If you would like to add new lines in to your

collection, re-shape /edit your current

collection or provide a signature collection,

our talented designers/stylists are available to help.


Our quality control department consists of 10 highly skilled individuals who check all orders on site before,

during and after the productions.


Our offices are situated in London and Istanbul for

the operation where we manage

our entire process.


Our logistics team follows each step of delivery

process very carefully from our factory to

your warehouse.


Carefully ensuring that

all documents for customs and transportation

are as required.

Turkey is in the EU/Custom Union, so you can recieve your orders with ease.


Ensuring each customer recieves the exact same service is one way

 which we excel through our service, by providing helpful and professional care not only through your entire order an manufacturing process but providing a first class aftercare service allows you to feel in safe hands.


London SW5 


Phone: +447960033188


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